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Politics for Dummies

P Bhatnagar is a standout amongst the most driving voices of Indian English verse whose accumulations Thought Lyrics (1976), Feeling Fossils (1977), Blessed messengers of Retreat (undated), The Capable of being heard Scene, Oneric Dreams, Shadows in Floodlight (1984) and Cooling Flares of Murkiness (2001) bespeak of political awareness of the artist. As it is obvious truth that Indian English verse can never avoid the socio-political environment of India and artists who don’t compose under a solitary equation yet rather begin an exchange among ‘man and man’ so Bhatnagar too manages various issues of our general public and governmental issues. Dr. A.N. Dwivedi remarks:

“Bhatnagar’s verse appreciates an extraordinary assortment of topics which legitimately center around the long ness of his experience and the gravity of his association in the undertakings of life.” (CIE217)

Bhatnagar’s handling of political subject is more firm and bigger than some other Indian English writer for he has contacted practically every one of the parts of political situation. Dr.V.K.Singh watches:

“We find in Bhatnagar a plain examination of the certainties of contemporary life. Bhatnagar remarks upon heap parts of political life as existing right now. No striking element gets away from his distinctly perceiving eye. Bhatnagar tears open the chest of a few political puzzles. He reflects before us what’s going on with everything of every single political issue.” (152)

Topics like race, gift, defilement, criminalization of governmental issues, wild pay off among the pioneers corrupting character of national pioneers, division of society by communalism, castism, linguism, and regionalism and so forth and the express loss of qualities in legislative issues are contacted by the writer in a strikingly touchy and magnificently wry way which is still not being outperformed by any artist of Indian English Verse. His affirmation that ‘Indian Verse in English must be Indian’ can’t be neglected in the event that we try to advance Indian Writing. Simply duplicating and adapting to the English and English Writing is lacking in light of the fact that Indian reasonableness isn’t enduring with the penury of contemplations, feelings and reasonableness and on the grounds that it has its establishment imperativeness and voice of possibility. Dr. R.C. Sharma is correct when he says: