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Halsway Schottische

It appears that Nigel Eaton’s composition, Halsway Schottische (or Halsway Carol) has somewhat of a cult following.  This page provides the sheet music for the tune, plus a link to some 40 different arrangements and recordings of it.  What’s more, they’re looking for more!  Record your version and send the link to this email!

Nigel Eaton

A 2/2 time tune in d on a Chris Eaton gurdy (g melody), written & played by Nigel Eaton.

Halsway Schottische aka Halsway Carol.
Nigel Eaton.

Cracking tune composed by Nigel Eaton and played on a newly-restored Pajot hurdy-gurdy.

Gurdypedia joins Facebook

Gurdypedia has launched its own Facebook page, where future updates to Gurdypedia will automatically be posted.  Subscribe here.

Fete de la vielle, Anost, France, 15-19 August 2012

Now an unmissable event in Burgundy, the Fête de la vielle has gradually made a name for itself among the biggest traditional music and dance festivals in France. For 4 days, Anost vibrates to the sound of bagpipes, violins, diatonic accordions and the hurdy-gurdy. The programme features different concerts and improvised jam sessions in the village’s bars and restaurants. Each year, 20 000 people come to Anost in Burgundy to experience this friendly festival.  More here.

Electrorotation.  La Cabale and Fabuliste.  Stephane Durand. 17 April 2010.  Teatro Subasio, Spello.

Dare to Hurdy-Gurdy.  Caroline Phillips talks at TEDxTransmedia about the hurdy-gurdy, ending with the performance of two Basque songs.

Hurdy-gurdy hospital.  Caroline Phillips, Bidaia's resident singer and hurdy-gurdy player goes to her Luthier's house in Perigord (vert) to get her Hurdy fixed.

Gregory Jolivet playing Earth.  Fantastic.

There's another app for that...

Hurdy Gurdy - Remix, play and enjoy.  Based on three songs from Bidaia's last album, Duo, this app allows you to play the hurdy-gurdy by moving your iPhone or iPad and create your own mix that can be saved to MP3 format.

Hurdy-Gurdy App

It had to happen.  Play the hurdy-gurdy on your iPhone.  There’s an app for that…

The Hurdy-Gurdy Band

Website of “the Hurdy-Gurdy Band” - a hurdy-gurdy duo.  Features a lot of nice historical images of the hurdy-gurdy - but beware the homepage of the site launches into some unrequested hurdy-gurdy playing, so you may want to turn the volume down on your computer!

The Hurdy-Gurdy Player with a Dog.  Georges de la Tour.  
1622-1625.  Oil on Canvas.  Musee Municipal, Bergues, France.

The Hurdy-Gurdy Player with a Dog.  
Georges de la Tour.  

1622-1625.  Oil on Canvas.  Musee Municipal, Bergues, France.