Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Muskett’s Hurdy-gurdy method errata and addenda

Following discussions on playing the coup, Michael Muskett today posted a new errata and addenda for his respected hurdy-gurdy method:

The Hurdy-Gurdy Method 


Page 31 The right hand 
1) the base of the thumb 
2) the first joint of the thumb 
3) the tips of the 1st and 2nd fingers 
4) the side of the ring finger. 
Correction. Line 3 should read ‘the tip of the 2nd finger.’ 

I don’t know how two fingers crept into the script, but there really 
isn’t room for two and one finger is quite adequate. The first finger has no 

With regard to the first stroke there is a school of playing which starts 
with the first joint of the thumb and ends with the base of the thumb.   

Page 52. The regular three-stroke 
It starts with the first stroke in line with the tail-piece, while the two 
following strokes are made at the strap buttons, the three points making a 

Page 36. Lesson 2 the regular two-stroke 
It is difficult to give definition to this stroke with the arm only, so you 
should help it with a quick and light movement of the finger tip, drawing it 
inward as in closing the hand. 

Page 46,7,8. The first & 2nd irregular three-stroke and regular 4-stroke 
The 3rd stroke should be given with a finger tip nudge as above.