Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Bouin: La Vielleuse Habile.

Bouin: La Vielleuse Habile. 

Available online for £29 from Richard Haynes Music Services in pdf format (109 pages), he describes this as follows: “La Vielleuse Habile (The Skilful Hurdy-Gurdy Player) is the largest and most comprehensive of the 18th century French methods. It was originally published in 1761 in Paris. The edition that I have created is a complete transcription and translation (French to English) of the major pedagogical section i.e. All the text in English and French and the musical examples. The edition is laid out as a more or less parallel  text so that the reader has the option of attempting a better reading of the occasionally very awkward French. Musical examples that in the original are widely separated from the text appear here within the body of the text and , whereas in the original they are written on the French violin clef they have here been transposed and clearly laid out in the normal treble clef. The original text comprises, in principle, of 3 parts: pedagogical text; 44 lessons; and 2 Suites in C and G comprising in excess of 70 pieces. This edition is the pedagogical section only.

Bouin: 44 lessons 

Available online for £6 from Richard Haynes Music Services in pdf format, this is the second part of the previous book, containing the 44 lessons (15 pages).