Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Season: Mark Hoogslag and Maressa McConkey

Gurdypedia has been nice enough to highlight my hurdy-building struggle at:

….as recorded on Flickr. Since then, I have used my hurdy as a bass drone instrument, using a cello string on it. One of this year’s songs is shown here. It featues Maressa from England, me, Mark Hoogslag, from Holland, my hurdy which I built in Poland, and we wrote and recorded the song in my present home town of Regensburg, Bavaria.

Cliff Stapleton and Mike Smith playing ‘INDIGO’. One of Cliff’s tunes.

Cliff Stapleton and Mike Smith playing ‘THE MONEY TREE’ written by Cliff.

Last Chance Bourree by Michel Piton, played by Nigel Eaton on a Chris Eaton D hurdy-gurdy.

Older Blowzabella bourrees with Nigel Eaton.

Older Blozabella polkas with Nigel Eaton.

Loreena McKennit’s Mummers Dance featuring Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy in the recording and hidden under the costume in the video.

Monster Cafe 1 and The Chimney composed and played by Nigel Eaton.

Spaghetti Panic (composed by Andy Cutting) and played by Nigel Eaton.   Nigel says, “The A music is 7/8 time and the b is a mix of 7/8 and 8/8, it’s coup de quatre all the way with the bar emphasis moving backwards through all positions in the 4, count 7 playing coup de 4, bar 1 starts on 1, bar 2 starts on 4, bar 3 starts on 3 and bar 4 starts on 2 etc, then the pattern repeats.”

Famous Wolf, bourree in 2/4 time.  Nigel Eaton.

Starters, Bourree in 2/4 time.  Nigel Eaton.

Blowzabella, traditional English jig, by Nigel Eaton.

The Ice House Schottisches in B flat, by Nigel Eaton.

La Gloire de Mon Pere after a french film, composed and played by Nigel Eaton.