Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Raine Holtz from Through Waves performing “Hixa Mía”, a traditional Sephardi song on his hurdy-gurdy, made by Mel Dorries.

Lyvet played by Nigel Eaton

Doctor Fegg played by Nigel Eaton - in F.

Nigel Eaton plays Lisa, a 3/8 bourree by Nigel Eaton and Stukka Gruppa by Ian Luff both ex of Blowzabella

Sur la Rance/Honouress, played by Nigel Eaton

On the River, played by Nigel Eaton.

La Furstemberg in one of its many guises. This tune first appears in 1696 called ‘St. Martin’s Lane’ in Playford’s 6th edition of the English Dancing Master. Corrette’s version from 1783 is probably the last of its kind and his book shown here marked the end of printed works for baroque hurdy gurdy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all hurdy-gurdy players around the world!  May all your dreams come true … and may you achieve the coup gras you always wanted!

Halsway Carol (composed by Nigel Eaton) performed by duo Carlos Quintá on accordian and Óscar Fernández on hurdy-gurdy.

More funky fiddle and hurdy-gurdy goodness from Gregory Jolivet.

A clip of Pep Massana and Ramon Elias’s organistrum in action with an octaved violin.  A free improvisation about Los Set Gotxs of Libre Vermenl at Sant Pau Vell, Montserrat.

Dante Ferrara plays Purcell Minuets, from ‘Musick’s Hand-maid’ printed in 1689.

Steve Tyler, virtuoso hurdy gurdy plays Belicha, 14th century medieval art music.

Hurdy-Gurdy music show

On 31 August, Dutch streaming music site, Concertzender, had an hour-long show devoted to hurdy-gurdy music.  An archived recording of the show is available on their site here (click the small speaker link towards the top of the page).

They say “This episode of Metamorphoses about unusual instruments is an hour long focus on the hurdy-gurdy. Often the instrument has been maligned as a simple melody instrument that was merely suitable to accompany dancing. However, the instrument was in the distant past used by the troubadours to accompany their songs and classical works were composed for it. The hurdy largely disappeared from the stage, afterwards remaining only in some countries like France. In recent decades there has been a revival, in which the construction of the instrument, the playing technique and repertoire went through a revolution.

The show features the following set:

  1. Malicorne - Le Branle des Chevaux (trad)
    Le Bestiaire - Ballon Noir  082303
  2. Blowzabella - The New Hornpipes (D Shepherd)
    A richer dust - Osmosys  OSMOCD010
  3. Emilio Cao - Estreaba o horizonte (Coa)
    Cartas Marinas - BOA Do FolDF005
  4. La Ciapa Rusa - Suite di Monferrine (trad, Martinotti)
    Antologia - Robi Droli RDC015
  5. Vizöntö - Springdance (Kiss)
    Best - Pan Records 145 CD
  6. Hölderlin Express -  Jumping Eggs (Olav Krauss)
    Hölderlin express - Akku Disc ADCD 3025
  7. Garmana - Varulven (The Werewolf)  (Gotte Rinqvist)
    Guds spelemän - Xource XOUcd 113
  8. Wolverlei - Malbroek/Wilhelmusdans/Swart laat ‘m scheren (trad)
    Wolverlei - Munich 7445
  9. Appellation controlee - Basso Pomade (Blaine L Reiniger, Steven Brown)/Marchand de Féraille (Blaine L. Reiniger)
    Tiz - Dig it 567914-2
  10. Gilbert Isbin & Iep Fourier - Avoid a Void (Isbin, Fourier)
    Avoid a void - Tern006
  11. Gilles Chabenat - Carmin (Chabenat)
    Je vois venir - Roseau ROS101.02
  12. Trame trio - Awin Awin (Nass el Ghawin)
    Changer d’air - Buda Musique 3017907
  13. Valentin Clastrier - El Castel (Bernard de Ventadorn, Clastrier)
    Hérésie - Silex Y225402
  14. Trio Patrick Bouffard - Mazerier/Chevreulis (trad, Bouffard)
    Revenant de Paris - Boucherie Production 49502.2

The Duellists.  A tune written and played by Nigel Eaton, performed here on a double keyboard Hurdy Gurdy in G by Chris Eaton.