Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Hungarian hurdy-gurdy virtuoso, Robert Mandel, gives a lecture and performance on the tekerőlant at Concordia University, Chicago in February 1982.

Maćko Korba live in concert, Noc Muzeów, Sandomierz, 15 May 2010.

Short documentary from Belgian TV channel Ring TV, broadcast on 7 March 2010, showing the making of a hurdy-gurdy by the luthier Jacques De Vuyst.  In Dutch.

Marco Polo
Loreena McKennitt

Canadian musician Loreena McKennitt performs Marco Polo, featuring Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy. 

Interesting performance by Pep Massana and Carles Viarnes of an organistrum and octaved violin.  Piece is a free improvisation about Los Set Gotxs of Libre Vermell, at Sant Pau Vell, Montserrat.

The organistrum is polyphonic and fully chromatic and based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketch, built by Ramon Elias in Altet, a small village neat Tarrega.   More details on the instrument itself in this YouTube clip.

The Mummers Dance
Loreena McKennitt

Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt performs “The Mummers Dance” live, featuring Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy. 

Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt performs Caravanserai from the DVD “Nights from the Alhambra” (2007) and the album “An Ancient Muse” (2006).  Featuring Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy. 

Loreena McKennitt

Renowned Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt performs Santiago, featuring Nigel Eaton on hurdy-gurdy.

The Quarter Brawles
Neil Brook

Luthier Neil Brook plays the Quarter Brawles, popular in England as early as 1565, and demonstrates his “St Thomas Altar” hurdy-gurdy.

Nigel Eaton

A 2/2 time Breton Andro style schottische written & played by Nigel Eaton in G on a Chris Eaton double keyboard Hurdy-Gurdy.

Nigel Eaton

A 2/2 time tune in d on a Chris Eaton gurdy (g melody), written & played by Nigel Eaton.

Halsway Schottische aka Halsway Carol.
Nigel Eaton.

Cracking tune composed by Nigel Eaton and played on a newly-restored Pajot hurdy-gurdy.

Electrorotation.  La Cabale and Fabuliste.  Stephane Durand. 17 April 2010.  Teatro Subasio, Spello.

Dare to Hurdy-Gurdy.  Caroline Phillips talks at TEDxTransmedia about the hurdy-gurdy, ending with the performance of two Basque songs.

Hurdy-gurdy hospital.  Caroline Phillips, Bidaia's resident singer and hurdy-gurdy player goes to her Luthier's house in Perigord (vert) to get her Hurdy fixed.