Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Gregory Jolivet playing Earth.  Fantastic.

Another recording of Gregory Jolivet playing Scottisch Urbaine.  Fine example of contemporary hurdy-gurdy playing.

Gregory Jolivet plays “Scottisch Urbaine” in front of Msr. Mousnier’s stall at Chateaux d’Ars in 2009.

Patrick Bouffard, Nigel Eaton and Paul James playing three time bourrées.  At the Great Hurdy-Gurdy Weekend at Halsway Manor, UK, 10-12 February 2012.

Nigel Eaton and Cliff Stapleton playing a tune by Cliff called “Kicksy-Wicksy” at the Halsway Manor Hurdy-Gurdy Weekend, 10-12 February 2012.

Nigel Eaton plays “Goldcrest” at the Great Hurdy-Gurdy Weekend, Halsway Manor, UK.  10-12 February 2012.

Enter the Ukuwheele
Bored of your hurdy-gurdy?  Try the latest in musical instruments - the Ukuwheele - a surprisingly pleasant sounding ukulele, modified with a wheel and manivelle.

Flamenco - with the hurdy-gurdy or zanfona (played by Abel Garcia)

Not really a review, but a demonstration by maker Neil Brook of his new entry level hurdy-gurdy called “The Wren”. 

A video review by WaterpigMaster of the  Symphonie hurdy-gurdy by Chris Allen in the UK.  This is a box-shaped mediaeval hurdy-gurdy in G/C tuning.   The standard model has two chanterelles, trompette and one drone.  It is fully chromatic over two octaves and available with capos to allow playing in different keys.

Anna Murphy, hurdy-gurdy player for the Swiss folk/pagan metal band Eluveitie, talks about her instrument and demonstrates it backstage at their 4/25/10 show in NYC.


From the Eluveitie album “Evocation 1-The Arcane Dominion” 

Inis Mona

The inimitable Eluveitie featuring hurdy-gurdy.