Documenting the curious world of the hurdy-gurdy.

Heroes (David Bowie)
Arcade Fire

Cover of Bowie’s Heroes, featuring hurdy-gurdy. 

Ritchie Blackmore play hurdy-gurdy in The Clock Ticks On.

Page & Plant - Hurdy-gurdy Solo - LIve ‘95 Milwaukee
Nigel Eaton

Nigel Eaton plays hurdy-gurdy live at Bradley Arena, Milwaukee, USA. 

Page & Plant - Hurdy-gurdy Solo - Live ‘95 Albuquerque
Nigel Eaton

Nigel Eaton plays hurdy-gurdy at Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM. 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Annie Lennox

Featuring a hurdy-gurdy. 

Misty Morning Albert Bridge
The Pogues

Featuring a hurdy-gurdy. 

British Pathé: hurdy-gurdy footage from the 1950’s

Charming 1953 news footage of the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales, featuring footage of a number of French hurdy-gurdy players accompanying dancers (about 1 minute into the clip).  See here.

And more footage, this one from French Week in Jersey - the “hokey kokey of its period”.  See here.

and footage from the Paris Exhibition of 1937, including hurdy-gurdy and dancers.  See here.

If you thought your playing was bad…

World’s biggest hurdy-gurdy in action.
Rhode Island-based composer Steve Jobe accompanies harmonica virtuoso Chris Turner with the Bosch Hurdy Gurdy. They are rehearsing towards a production, Music for Three Hurdy-Gurdies that will be performed in Providence in October 2007.

Caroline Phillips: Hurdy-gurdy for beginners

TED Talks

Caroline Phillips cranks out tunes on a seldom-heard folk instrument: the hurdy-gurdy, a.k.a. the wheel fiddle. A searching, Basque melody follows her fun lesson on its unique anatomy and 1,000-year history.

Californian-born, French-resident entrepreneur and musician Caroline Phillips is one half of Basque music duo Bidaia, alongside Mixel Ducau. Her searching, Moroccan- and East Indian-inflected vocals are accompanied by the distinctive, folky sounds of the hurdy-gurdy, an unfamiliar and unusual string instrument operated with a crank-turned wheel.

Throughout her years as a professional musician, Phillips has regularly performed in jazz clubs and toured with her one-woman show in the Caribbean and North Africa.

Interview with German maker, Kurt Reichmann
Ina Lemm talks to German hurdy-gurdy maker, Kurt Reichmann.  Nice introduction to the instrument and the work of Reichmann.

YouTube upload from Matthias Loibner:

"Mooreiche", a solo piece for hurdy-gurdy played in the inspiring but coooold church in Litomerice. thanks Daniel and thanks to Andere Seite Studio for filming.

Tirant adjustment for the hurdy-gurdy
A quick video showing how to adjust the tirant for proper coup technique. You will need to experiment to determine the best position for a proper coup on your instrument.

More cotton (this time in Italian)
Another nice YouTube video on applying cotton to the strings.  This time in Italian, although the video is clear and so understanding the language is not essential for following the technique.

Applying rosin to the wheel
Everything you need to know about applying rosin to your hurdy-gurdy - and the symptoms of having too much and too little.  Another super video by fahnreich.